About Resin Vermont

The mission of Resin Vermont is to provide a high quality CBD product at an affordable price.

Resin Vermont is located off a dirt road in the tiny town of Baltimore, VT.  Our small scale operation allows us to treat each plant as an individual.  Our hands on approach provides for a superior finished product.  We are growing the plants specifically for the flower (or bud). 


It all starts with the soil.  Resin Vermont is also home to SpringMore Farm.  For the past 10 years, SpringMore Farm has been raising poultry (chickens and turkeys), pigs, and a few cows using intensive rotational grazing methods.  This means the animals are constantly on the move and not overgrazing one area.  This method of grazing improves soil quality by increasing the organic matter in the soil and improving water retention.  When it comes to preparing our hemp plot, we don't use machines to till the soil, but have the pigs do the work.  The pigs work the soil and their by product is organic fertilizer.  Next we move the chickens into the area to scratch and clean up after the pigs.  The combination of the pigs and chickens make for great soil high in microbes that are loved by the hemp plants. 


The hemp is planted outside by hand after the danger of frost has past.  We do not use plastic ground cover, but instead use straw for weed control and to encourage microbial growth.  Cover crops and companion plantings are in store for future grows.  The plants are trimmed and staked throughout the season to encourage and support large flower growth.  When it is time to harvest in the fall we harvest by hand and dry properly.  Finally, the flower is hand trimmed and slow cured.

The chickens, pigs, and turkeys are fed the trimmings from the plants throughout the season.  This is full circle farming!

We hope you enjoy our product as much as we enjoy producing it!